Sight-Word Poster
In 4 steps - build a poster of words on a picture. It will be big so you can download, print, or order.
There is no risk - feel free to play.
If you want to start over - refresh the page or click here: Start Over
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Step 1: Pick a picture:
These are small versions of the huge images we have.
Pick one with a click. (Don't worry if it looks fuzzy - it will be sharp and BIG.)
Step 2: Pick some words or click "check all" (you'll modify the set in the next step)
Word sets are standard Dolch word lists. Found here:
Click on a link to see example sets:
Selected words (0 of 32 selected):
Step 3: Update the words in the table below (the image will change as you do.)
  • Get creative! Enter your address, phone number, or names of siblings.
  • You don't have to use every slot. Sometimes it may be more pleasing to erase a few.
  • If the text in a slot is too long - don't worry, just erase the text in the interfering slot.
Step 4:Wait here.
This step requires 90-180 seconds to generate the final HUGE image needed for your poster. Sorry it takes so long.